Thursday, August 6, 2015


Today is the day!  In just a matter of hours, my team and I will be on a plane bound for London and, eventually, the Congo!  We've had months of preparing, planning and praying, and I can't tell you how much your prayer, even through this season of preparation, has meant to me.  I have felt the overwhelming peace of God as I walk the unknown of what's to come.  As I've said, if I'm honest, I'm a little nervous about this trip.  With that said, in addition to the prayer calendar below that covers what our team will be doing daily, here are a couple of personal prayer points for me:
- This is the first time I'll be leaving Campbell without any way of talking to her.  She'll be in great hands between my amazing husband and my parents, who are easily among her favorite people in the world, but it's hard to leave her.
- I've been to a few different dentists in the last month about my need for a root canal.  Due to various reasons, they all confirmed that my mouth isn't quite ready for that. Would you pray that my mouth doesn't cause me any trouble while flying and on the ground in Africa?
- One of my teaching sessions includes presenting the Gospel to a large group of women who may have never heard it.  Through many trips that both my leaders and I have taken to African land, we know that this presentation and the presenter (i.e. me) is often under more spiritual attack than otherwise would be.  Would you be sure to cover me in prayer that guards against any attack, as well as clear communication for my Gospel presentation on Tuesday, August 11?  I can't do it without you.
- Finally, this isn't covered specifically on our prayer calendar, so would you pray for health, safety and supernatural energy for my team and me?
We'll be teaching two concurrent conferences while in the Congo, and our prayer calendar reflects who from our team will be teaching each day so you can lift them up by name.  I can't tell you how much it means to all of us, especially me, that you are approaching the Father daily on our behalf.  I need your prayers, and I anticipate God doing huge things in and through our team, including you, while we are in the Congo.  Through your prayers, you're coming along with us.  Wait expectantly to hear all the He will do through you!
We will be celebrating soon, I just know it!